5:50 p.m. update: So far this evening, most storm activity has developed well south and north of the District. There’s still a chance of storms through the evening, but odds have probably diminished to 30% or so.

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As with recent days, clouds came to our rescue to keep temperatures from reaching their warmest potential. But, unlike the last two days, temperatures still made it pretty high -- into the upper 80s to near 90. Thus far, showers and storms have largely stayed away other than a quick sprinkle in a few spots. But, we remain on guard for storms into the evening as they continue to move this direction from the northwest.

Through Tonight: A threat of strong to severe storms persists well into the evening, with the best odds (50% chance) perhaps between about 6 p.m. and midnight. Any storms that pass could contain heavy rain, frequent lightning and isolated damaging winds. We don’t fully lose the storm risk overnight, but it should be less heading into morning. Lows should reach the near 70 in the cooler suburbs to the mid or upper 70s downtown.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): We’ll have a cold front and a little disturbance passing by tomorrow. These should combine to turn partly cloudy skies stormier as the day progresses. Timing of the front is crucial to overall storm coverage, and for now the best odds for significant severe storms looks to be south of D.C. But, that’s not a sure thing, so we’ll watch as it closes in. Depending on when the front passes through, and how much cloudiness/rain is associated with it, highs could range from near 90 to the mid-90s.

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Pizza weather: We shared some good news that sunny and dry conditions are expected at least for a bit in London as the Olympics approaches. Recent rainy weather in the UK has contributed to a boost in earnings for Domino’s Pizza. Dominos CFO, Lee Ginsberg, told Reuters that “we love the rain because it keeps people in their homes.”

Pollen update: Susan Kosisky from the US Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab writes, “Tree pollen is LOW at 0.32 grains/cubic meter. Grass pollen is LOW at 1.28 grains/cubic meter. Weed pollen is LOW at 1.6 grains/cubic meter. Mold spores are in the MODERATE range at 12941.75 spores/cubic meter.”