What a way to end meteorological summer, eh? I’ll take it – even with the few high clouds floating around here and there! Temperatures are topping out mainly in the mid-80s this afternoon, with not even a hint of humidity unless you’re trying really hard to find it. The weather stays largely delightful tomorrow and probably at least through Friday as well.

Through Tonight: We should have more clouds to start the night than to end it, but even at its cloudiest point it shouldn’t be that cloudy. Evening temperatures in the 70s fall to lows in the mid-50s in the cooler suburbs to the low-or-mid 60s downtown.

Tomorrow (Thursday): We’re keeping the sweet conditions coming – like we have any real say! Expect partly to mostly sunny skies with a light south breeze. Most spots should settle in the mid-80s for highs, but perhaps some places reach the upper 80s.

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Want rain? Get a laser. Researchers at the University of Geneva have conducted over 100 hours worth of testing on laser-created rain. While they have not yet created rain during moist atmospheric conditions, they have discovered that pulses from the laser can create particles in the air which serve as condensation nucleii. Of course, this is not the first attempt we’ve made to make it rain. But, it’s believed to be a much more environmentally friendly cloud seeding method than that currently employed using chemicals like silver iodide.

Pollen update: Grass & weed pollen HIGH; mold spores HIGH; tree pollen LOW - not a good allergy day. Sorry!