It’s not too often under lots of sunshine in mid-November that temperatures struggle to get past 50, but that was the story of today with afternoon readings rising mainly to the mid-and-upper 40s. We don’t have any major warm-ups to talk about, but at least the weather stays pretty tranquil other than the extra chill.

Through Tonight: With light winds, fairly dry air, and minimal wind, temperatures have no trouble falling nicely after sunset. Some additional cloudiness overnight should keep things from bottoming all the way to potential, but lows ranging from the upper 20s to mid-30s seem a good bet.

Tomorrow (Thursday): We could see some increased cloudiness compared to today as a little wave of low pressure passes off to the south. Other than that, nothing too eventful as temperatures stay rather cool, ranging from the mid-40s to near 50. Winds are pretty light.

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High seas: Sandy’s waves set new high marks (since records began in 1975) for at least two buoys off the coast of the northeast. One especially impressive wave reached 32.5 feet near the entrance to New York Harbor. This height bested one set by Irene by over six feet. See Climate Central for more on the waves.