Wind and temperatures fairly close to normal conspired to create a wintry day today – kind of a rarity lately. Those winds have frequently gusted near 30 mph, with peak gusts up around 35 mph. Temperatures which reached highs in the mid-and-upper 40s actually dropped a bit during the afternoon as colder air continues to filter in. Winds are now waning and should continue to do so tonight, yet temperatures will remain “jacket inducing” for the near term.

Through Tonight: It’s gonna be a cold one, though not really anything we should not expect this time of year I suppose. Winds do drop from about 10-15 mph sustained early in the evening toward 5 mph or so by morning. That wind may help keep temperatures from plummeting like they might without it, but overnight readings are still way down there in the low-and-mid 20s in the suburbs to near 30 downtown.

Tomorrow (Thursday): It’s not looking quite as sunny tomorrow as it previously did, thanks to some cloudiness associated with a clipper system passing well to the north. We may still be on the southern edge of the cloud shield, so hopefully it’s mainly high clouds, but I think it’s fair to trend the outlook toward mostly cloudy on the whole. Afternoon highs should mainly reach the mid-40s, though with a resumption of a southwest wind we may eke into the upper 40s in spots.

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Finally, lake effect snow: Even though it’s usually well into the lake effect season, one of the first widespread events of the season is impacting parts of New York today as cold air spills over the unusually warm lakes. Up to 2-5” of snow are expected in the higher upslope regions, while a general 1-3” may fall in other areas impacted by snow bands. With odds growing that the most significant Arctic outbreak of the year will impact the East Coast next week, a significantly larger lake effect event may be just a handful of days away.