Heir to the British throne Prince Charles had a light-hearted go at presenting the weather on BBC television on May 10, 2012, predicting a miserable spate of rain and snow for Scotland. (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Begins an article in the Post’s Lifestyle section: The forecast for Thursday: cold and rainy. The forecaster: the heir to the British monarchy.

Writes the Associated Press: If this king thing doesn’t work out, Prince Charles may be able to fall back on a budding career as a weatherman.

Here in the U.S., while they can’t compete with royalty, a number of A-list celebrities have appeared in the front of the green screen including Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres. Some big name athletes and coaches have also been drafted to point at isobars.

And how can I not mention the Route 29 Batman who appeared on Fox 5 with Tucker Barnes Wednesday morning?

Check out 5 celebrity guest weathercasts after the jump, including Prince Charles’...

Prince Charles

Ellen DeGeneres

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Tom Hanks

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach

NBA’s Chris Bosch