The mercury in Los Angeles tanked to its lowest level in 22 years, bottoming out at a daily record low of 34 degrees this morning.

Of course, southern Californians are not acclimated to this kind of chill. But local media are covering the cold snap as if it was Superstorm Sandy.

“We have team coverage on this freezing cold weather,” said Cher Calvin, KTLA 5 News anchor.

Watch this highly amusing take on media coverage of the cold from comedian Jimmy Kimmel:

Upper level winds show huge dip in jet stream (area of fastest winds at high altitudes) allowing arctic air to spill into Southwest (

The cold weather has spread well beyond southern California. Las Vegas logged its coldest temperature in 5 years Sunday, dipping to 23 degrees.

On Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens played the Broncos in the coldest Denver postseason game on record with a kick-off temperature of just 13 degrees.

The cold is a result of a huge dip in the jet stream (or upper level trough) which has allowed arctic air to flood the Southwest. It will lift out in the next 48 hours allowing temperatures to steadily moderate.