Twenty minutes of video compressed are into 20 seconds showing the thunderstorm on the afternoon of September 18, 2012.

When the line of thunderstorms approached Tuesday afternoon I set up the video camera pointed outside the window. I was in Reston, Va. and severe thunderstorm warnings were being posted throughout the area. The storms looked impressive on radar.

After 20 minutes from setting up the camera the storm was over. We had briefly gusty winds, heavy rain, but nothing severe. I know that other areas had flooding rain and damaging winds, however.

Keep reading for more on storm rainfall, winds and additional time lapse video...

Peak winds were generally in the 45-60 mph range. Reagan National Airport gusted to 61 mph and BWI 47 mph. Scattered reports of downed trees resulted from these strong gusts.

Peak wind gusts in and around Washington, D.C. (WeatherBug)

Link: Rainfall totals from National Weather Service

Doppler estimated rainfall September 18 (NOAA)

Here are a couple more good time lapse videos of the storm.

From Tysons:

Uploaded by ghesstifer on YouTube

From Alexandria:

Uploaded byairlai on YouTube

Where thunderstorms garden-variety or severe where you were?

Link: Live blog coverage during yesterday’s storm

(Jason Samenow contributed to this post)