Simulation of temperatures next week over mid-Atlantic region. ( )

If you detest the heat, cover your eyes and don’t look at the series of maps above. One of the world’s best long-range forecast models, known as the Euro, predicts a big heat wave repeat this time next week. The simulations above show 2 p.m. temperatures in the neighborhood of 95-100 degrees Thursday through Saturday around Washington, D.C. 100+ readings are seen over central Virginia into North Carolina.

These temperatures do not factor in humidity, and, are depicted before the typical hour of peak heat (from 3 to 4:30 p.m. or so).

Please don’t kill the messenger. Just hope this particular model is wrong (it’s been known to be) - although it pegged this week’s heat wave this time last week. If it’s any consolation, another model - known as the GFS - predicts hot weather but not the extreme heat shown above.

From this past Tuesday: Shock forecast: NOAA predicts heat index of 116 in Washington, D.C. Friday