A massive snow pile in Oakton, Virginia, January 26, 2012. How long will our snow piles last?

Do you remember Snow Pile Watch 2010, when our monstrous snow piles lasted into May? Those were good times, the snowstorms were big and the snow piles were even bigger.

This year, unfortunately, we cannot seem to replicate any part of that record-breaking winter season. Instead, we have had two small snow events that barely allowed for a sled run. And, now there is even more bad news for us snow lovers, the February 2012 outlook appears quite bleak for snow and wintry weather.

So, I have finally had enough of the bad snow news and the various discussions of canceling winter early. In an effort of unbridled denial that this winter is actually awful, I have started Snow Pile Watch 2012.

I took the camera with me Thursday morning and I photographed an assortment of both amazing and scary snow piles across western Fairfax County. These photos will surprise and astound even the most doubtful of our winter weather enthusiasts. Sit back and be amazed.

Continue reading for some amazing and scary snow piles.

A beastly snow pile rises above the grass blades near Fairfax, Virginia, January 26, 2012. Pedestrians in Penderbrook, don’t trip.

When will these snow piles melt? That’s a tough question. I’m guessing that happened about a few hours ago when the temperature hit 60 degrees and heavy rain fell. What are your guesses?

I think I’ll go buy a plane ticket to Valdez, Alaska now. See you this spring.

Note: No LEGO people or Hot Wheels cars were harmed in the making of this Capital Weather Gang post. Our LEGO man was successfully rescued from the scary Reston snow pile and he is currently resting comfortably on a warm bookshelf.