Usually we ask readers to propose and vote on names for significant winter storms. But this time we’ve already received such a perfect suggestion that we’ve decided to go ahead and adopt it: Snowquester.

[Detailed forecast update on Snowquester coming by 2 p.m.]

Reader Phil Yabut (who also happens to be a fine photographer) suggested the name to us on our Twitter feed Friday. (We can’t be sure he was the first to come up with it, but we heard it from him first.) It got instant approval from Twitter followers and lots of “likes” when we mentioned it in our blog comments.

Like or hate storm names, Snowquester sure beats “Saturn”, the arbitrary, meaningless name given to the storm by The Weather Channel. So let’s roll with Snowquester ... an original, fun, and fitting label for a Washington, D.C. winter storm in March 2013.

Important disclaimer: The fact that we’ve named the storm doesn’t guarantee snow... (in fact, we probably just jinxed the storm!)