The EURMA weather model shows a powerful winter-like storm poised to move up the East Coast on Friday or Saturday. The forecasted storm looks strikingly similar to the Super Storm of ’93, but stronger.

A post in honor of April Fool’s Day:

Just when you thought the “winter-that-wasn’t” was long behind us, one weather model is forecasting a major snowstorm later this week. With unseasonably cold high pressure forecast to move into eastern Canada, the stage may be set for a rare spring blizzard. It’s not out of the question that heavy snow could fall as far south as the piedmont and mountains of Virginia by next weekend.

The EURMA weather model, an experimental hybrid program with algorithms borrowed from the acclaimed European weather model and the often-overlooked Japanese weather model, is showing a freakishly intense storm for the Eastern Seaboard. With low temperatures forecast to plummet into the 20s, the combination of cold air and moisture could bring snow to most of the Washington area.

Read below for more information about the pending storm.

The American weather models, however, show partly cloudy skies with high temperatures in the 70s during the same forecast period. Note, it is not uncommon for the various weather models to disagree on forecasts during the long range period.

Capital Weather Gang’s leader, Jason Samenow, is already sold on the snowstorm. Samenow stated that he firmly believes snow will fall in Washington. He also said a strong snowstorm or blizzard is exactly what the CWG blog needs to increase its readership after such a snow-free and uneventful winter. Samenow said, “With this storm, we have #faith-in-the-flakes. #Faith-in-the-flakes everybody!”

There is currently plenty of milk on grocery store shelves. Make your trip to the store before Friday to stock up for the storm.

“When our weather forecast changes from 10” of snow one moment to partly cloudy skies the next, our readers love it! It’s dynamic; it’s interesting; it’s pure weather drama and excitement. ”

As expected, the Capital Weather Gang is holding another snowstorm naming contest in preparation for this storm. So far, the front-running names are: 1) “Son of Snowmageddon on Steroids and Red Bull,” and 2) “Bob the Beastly Blizzard.” The first name is a bit long, but with practice, it starts to roll off the tongue. The second snowstorm name could get shortened to just Bob.

There is currently plenty of bread on grocery store shelves. Potato bread is perfect for those soft and gooey peanut butter sandwiches to eat between sledding runs.

So, the name will most likely get updated to, “Bubba the Beastly Blizzard.” There are not too many Bubbas in our area, except a few Bubbas who drive snow plows in Culpeper County. The confusion factor with Bubba should be low.

At the local airports, the alerts about a possible major snowstorm are being taken seriously. National Airport is already gearing up for the snow. Miller A. Sturm of NAWA (National Airport Weather Administration) has started putting his snow measuring boards under heat lamps. Miller A said, “If the blizzard arrives on schedule, our snow measuring boards will be nice and toasty warm so we’ll be certain to measure half the amount of snow as the rest of the Washington, D.C. area. We have our reputation to uphold! Oh yeah, we’ll also de-ice the planes and do that kind of stuff too.”

There is currently plenty of beer on grocery store shelves. By the way, why is Guinness so expensive? Do you know it’s brewed in Canada now, not Ireland. Is it really worth $10 a six pack? I don’t think so! But Giant currently has a 30 cent sale on Guinness to spur on sales. Come on Giant, 30 cents? Let’s try $3 next time, that’s more of a sale. Anyway, remember to stock up before the storm and before those amazing 30 cent sales expire.

The pending blizzard is being taken seriously by popular Internet weather personality, Dave Tolerable of Tolerable has already posted his second call snowfall map for the storm which shows the heaviest accumulations centered just north and west of Richmond, Virginia.

Tolerable posted: “***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT***ALERT*** Biggest sturm of century threantens Midle Atlantc states.”

It seems that everyone is jumping on the snow bandwagon with this storm.

If you’re not familiar with the snow dance, the NWS along with CWG host snow dance lessons at the Clarendon Ballroom every Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, it has rained during the last four lessons which significantly reduced the attendance.

Think spring snow and stay tuned for more snow coverage and our snowstorm naming contest. It might be “fool”ish, but my vote is for Bubba!