The winner of Capital Weather Gang’s heat wave name poll, after about 1500 votes, is Sweat Ceiling. This was submitted first by @rlintott on Twitter yesterday morning. The close runner-up? Helter Swelter.

The heat is living up to its name. The noon heat index was already 109 degrees, higher than any heat index reached during the summer of 2010, D.C.’s hottest on record. The actual air temperature was 94 with an shockingly high dew point (a measure of humidity) of 78 (anything over 70 is oppressive).

Heat indices are likely to exceed 110 this afternoon - which is dangerous and uncommon in the D.C. metro region. Take it easy, hydrate, and if you must spend considerable time outside, try to take breaks inside in an air-conditioned environment.

Thanks for voting in the poll and for all of the awesome submissions.

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