Fireworks light up the Potomac River Monday night. (Kevin Ambrose)

Ian chose the location for our photo shoot and we met around 6pm by the Potomac River. The location is known by local photographers, but it’s definitely not a tourist destination. The spot is actually a bike trail bridge over a small creek that flows into the Potomac. Only about a dozen tripods fit on the bridge, and the constant bike traffic makes it a bit challenging to photograph. Runners on the trail also shake the bridge and ruin any timed exposure. Luckily, everyone seemed to stop biking and running during the fireworks show.

Continue reading for fireworks photos and a time lapse video.

(Kevin Ambrose)
Kevin Ambrose.

Ian Livingston.

Kevin Ambrose.

Ian Livingston.

Kevin Ambrose.

Kevin Ambrose.

(Ian Livingston)

I tried something new this year for my annual fireworks trip. I booked a hotel room in Rossyln. I live nearby, in Fairfax County, but year-after-year I dread photographing D.C. fireworks because it is so difficult to get back home. This year, by booking a room, I had an easy parking spot at the hotel and an air conditioned room a few blocks from the Potomac. Sure, it cost a few bucks, but it made the entire experience very pleasant. Perhaps I will move to Rosslyn one day.

The video below is a time lapse of the entire fireworks show compressed into one minute.

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