Displayed above are all 12 months of the Washington Weather eCalendar. A web-based version can be found here and an interactive PDF version can be found here. Computer wallpaper images from the eCalendar can be found here.

For many years, I have created a paper-based Washington Weather calendar for friends, family, and a few loyal Capital Weather Gang (CWG) readers. This year, I decided to try something new, an eCalendar that can be distributed over the Internet.

I created a web-based version and an interactive PDF version of the 2013 calendar. The interactive version allows you to type notes for each calender day in scrollable text fields, and the photo captions and weather event text fields have links to CWG or Wikipedia articles that describe the event. The interactive version is best used with the free Adobe Reader XI but it may work to varying degrees in your web browser.

I have also created a gallery of computer screensaver / wallpaper images for each month. You can have seasonal wallpaper on your computer with weather scenes that match the calendar month.

Let me know how it works for you!