Satellite image of the storm early this afternoon. Notice the circulation, and convection firing off along the cold front on the eastern side. (NOAA)

From a record Christmas Day tornado outbreak to today’s heavy snows in the Ohio Valley, interior Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, the storm coming up the East Coast has left quite a mark.

Severe weather reports logged 12/25/12 (National Weather Service)

On Christmas Day, more than 30 tornado reports were logged from eastern Texas to southern Alabama. That number easily exceeds the most previously recorded (12 in 1969) on December 25 (dating back to 1950). The twisters caused some damage, but there have been no reports of fatalities, fortunately.

Links: Surveillance video of tornado at Walgreens in Mobile , AL| Fox video of Mobile tornado

Although no tornadoes have touched down so far today, a tornado watch is in effect for eastern North Carolina through 5 p.m. ET.

While tornadoes swarmed near the Gulf Coast, double digit snowfall totals were recorded in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri Christmas Day.

Heavy snows are blanketing parts of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, western Maryland, and Ohio on this Boxing Day - with strong winds creating near blizzard conditions in some areas.

Here are a few more impressive images and photos of the storm...

Water vapor imagery shows another view of the storm this afternoon. Dry air wraps into the middle of the storm, strong thunderstorms erupt sout east of the center, and a large “comma head” is seen on the west and southwest side of the storm (NOAA)

Radar and surface map from midday showing double low pressure structure and huge swath of precipitation from Florida to Illinois. (National Weather Service)

The storm has dropped 8 to 10 inches of snow in Garrett county Maryland, location of this photo, along with strong winds. (Mark Hoekzema)

A cardinal amidst the snow in Centreville, Va. this morning. After a heavy dusting of snow, precipitation changed to rain for the rest of the day. (Kathryn Prociv)