A rainbow panorama created by stitching two photographs together. The rainbow was photographed in Stafford County during the late morning on Friday.

Portions of the Washington area were treated to some interesting and vivid rainbows last Friday. The rainbows were created as bands of moisture-laden rain showers were illuminated by bright sunshine.

One rainbow, visible in the southern portion of the Washington area late Friday morning, was visible in the sky for over 30 minutes. Initially, the rainbow seemed to play hide-and-seek as it would become temporarily obscured by the abundant, low-level cumulus clouds that raced to the east. As the clouds moved away, the rainbow would reappear.

The evolution of the rainbow was particularly interesting. It first appeared as two short rainbow segments beneath a heavy rain shower that moved across the northern sky. As the rain shower approached, the rainbow segments grew upward at the same time and then met together in the middle of the sky. For a moment, it was a double rainbow.

Read below to see the evolution of the rainbow in photos.

A rain shower moving east-to-west across the northern sky is led by a rainbow. Initially, only short rainbow segments were visible with the shower. This rainbow is on the eastern side of the shower. This photo is facing northt.