Number of 100+ degree days in Oklahoma through August 31, 2011 (Oklahoma Mesonet)

17 cities had their hottest summer on record there including Shreveport (La.), Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Houston, Lubbock, and San Antonio. All of these 17 cities experienced at least 40 100+ degree days and as many as 95 (Wichita Falls, Texas).

Consider Houston, which averages just four 100+ degree days,but tallied a remarkable, record-setting 42 such days in 2011 - blowing by the old 1980 record by ten days. Houston’s torrid August was a 1 in 10,000 year event according to an analysis posted on the SciGuy blog.

The map above, showing the number of 100+ degree days at locations across the state of Oklahoma through August 31 makes me just want to sweat...