Scattered showers and thunderstorms developed across the Washington area during the late afternoon and early evening on Sunday. The storms were fairly small, but they dropped briefly heavy rain as they moved southeast across the area. I was in Manassas, Virginia at the time and had a good view of the storms firing up in the northeastern sky. I set up a video camera and recorded the storms developing and moving across Fairfax County and the southern portion of Washington, D.C.

A time lapse video of thunderstorms growing over Fairfax County and Washington, D.C. This video was taken from Manassas, Virginia. Kevin Ambrose

Continue reading to see the radar of these storms and a video of a large tree that fell during briefly gusty winds over the weekend.

A radar snapshot showing a small line of developing storms over Fairfax County, Washington D.C., and Prince George’s County, Maryland. This radar image matches the time of the video above.

A large tree fell in Oakton, Virginia during briefly gusty winds on Saturday. Kevin Ambrose