Today is THE day to get ready for Sandy. Sunday into Sunday night will offer the chance as well although rain chances increase and winds slowly ramp up during that time. The worst part of the storm, increasingly, looks to be from Monday through Tuesday in the Washington, D.C. area.

Links: Detailed D.C. area forecast | Washington D.C. storm scenarios

Generally, plan for a scenario where you are out of power for at least 3 days to up to a week due to strong winds and the likelihood of some downed trees and power lines. If you live in an area prone to flooding, prepare for that possibility.

Here are some tips: * Clean out leaves from your gutters * Clear leaves from drainage areas. * Gas up your cars. * Buy batteries, and put your flashlights in a central location * Make sure you have water and non-perishable food * Charge cell/smart phones * If you have a generator, be sure to have adequate fuel on hand * Secure loose outdoor items or bring inside (including Halloween displays, decorations) * Have extra cash on hand

Do you have any other tips? Share them with us.

Here are a couple useful links that provide even more comprehensive tips (some of which are more pertinent than others, depending on where you live):

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Tips from the National Weather Service in New York City (tailored for that area, but some useful ones)

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