Tornado in Venice (Screenshot via YouTube )

The Epoch Times reports:

The tornado left in its wake churned up boats, fallen trees, and about a dozen homes roofless on Sant’Erasmus Island...

The Italy Chronicles notes:

A water bus ticket office had its roof ripped off by the tornado which some reports stated was a waterspout. A number of boats were capsized.

CRI adds:

Some 15 children who were attending a sailing course in the Venice lagoon were rescued by police after they trapped in the container in which they had taken refuge, according to Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Video footage (see below) shows the tornado was visible from the city of Venice and its canals.

The twister terrified Venetians at an open market in Lido says the Italian news organization ATI:

People were frightened, with scenes of panic, broken branches and strong wind, but there were no injuries. . .

The Italy Chronicles writes about twisters of the past in Venice:

Venice is no stranger to such events, the most damaging of which occurred in 1970. Another tornado blew through Venice in 2008.

The 1970 tornado claimed more than 30 lives. It apparently lofted and capsized a waterbus, drowning 21 passengers (more info).

More videos of Venice waterspout and tornado via YouTube

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