The Venus transit from Ellicott City, Md. Photographed by bschall, submitted to Washington Post reader gallery.

Link: They came to see Venus move across the sun, and some of them did

Around Washington, D.C., the breaks in the clouds were few and far between. But for those able to catch a glimpse, the clouds provided a dramatic surrounding, the gray and black clouds offering stunning contrast against the luminous sun.

Here’s a collection of images of the transit submitted by Capital Weather Gang followers on Facebook and Twitter. Allow a few moments to load...

NASA images/video

Time lapse of transit

All photos and the above video in this section courtesy NASA

U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) images

The sun briefly emerges through the clouds at the USNO in NW Washington, D.C. The black speck in the upper right portion of the disc is Venus. Photographed by HP Tuttle (submission via reader gallery) .

The clouds meant a small crowd at the viewing event at the USNO. Three telescopes were set up for viewing. Photographed by HP Tuttle (submission via reader gallery).

The 5-inch Alvan Clark Transit of Venus Telescope at USNO (Jason Samenow)


Washington Post transit gallery (reader submissions)usno-hptuttle.jpg

Washington Post transit gallery

NASA Goddard Venus Transit pool (public submissions)