The video shown below, an astonishing time lapse of the Milky Way photographed in central South Dakota by Randy Halverson, is making the rounds through cyberspace. When you watch it, you will understand why. It is truly stellar and out of this world.

Here’s an excerpt from Halverson’s description of his inspired work:

During the month of May, I shot Milky Way timelapse in central South Dakota, when I had the time, and the weather cooperated. The biggest challenge was cloudy nights and the wind. There were very few nights, when I could shoot, that were perfectly clear, and often the wind was blowing 25mph +. That made it hard to get the shots I wanted. I kept most of the shots low to the ground, so the wind wouldn’t catch the setup and cause camera shake, or blow it over.

You owe it to yourself to view more of Halverson’s incredible work at his website See also this interview with Halverson in Wired Magazine.

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