Less than a week ago (Friday, March 25), a severe sandstorm very suddenly enveloped parts of Kuwait. It caused traffic jams, stranded travelers, disrupted cell phone service, damaged crops, hospitalized hundreds due to dust inhalation, and temporarily shut down Kuwait’s international airport. The Arab Times described the storm as a “tsunami of sand” with a “menacing black” wall of dust, noting it lowered visibility to almost zero.

View the scary scene for yourself in the video below from Kuwait city.

After viewing the video, I can certainly see the tsunami of sand analogy. Fortunately, dust and sand do not have the destructive force of water.

As an aside, the Kuwait Times reports there is controversy over how well the storm was forecast. Kuwait’s meteorological department head said the storm was predicted three days in advance, relayed to Kuwait TV personnel, and posted on the department’s website. Nevertheless, it caught many residents by surprise and a private sector meteorologist is criticizing the government’s forecasting...

Do these circumstances sound familiar?