The tornado outbreak forecast for eastern Oklahoma Thursday lived up to its potential, spawning at least eight tornadoes in the Sooner state. Tragically, one of the twisters killed two elderly sisters in Tushka and caused dozens of injuries. Reports also indicate the storm tore up roofs and completely destroyed five school buidlings in Tushka. The full extent of the damage is not yet known.

A team of storm chasers (Marc Austin, Robert McIntyre, and Gabe Garfield) captured the large, deadly tornado on the video below:

The twister in the video is often referred to as a “wedge” tornado, as it appears wider than the distance from the ground to cloud base. The tornado also contained multiple vortices referring to smaller, rapidly spinning whirls within the parent tornado.

The responsible storm system also produced high winds that killed four people in central and western Arkansas early Friday.

More severe storms are possible today from the Deep South into the Tennessee Valley. A dangerous line of storms is working across Mississippi and northern Alabama right now, where a tornado watch is in effect as well as a number of warnings. Follow the action on our Weather Wall by selecting the “Storms” button where you can add and subtract interactive layers and zoom in on the action.


More tornado footage from Oklahoma Thursday....

One more video from Thursday from the Associated Press