Jason Samenow (left), Justin Grieser (middle), and Camden Walker (right) - emcees - pose for a photo at the Banding Together 2012 charity function for Gifts for the Homeless

In preparation for winter’s toll on our area’s homeless, three Capital Weather Gang members last week assisted a great charity, Gifts for the Homeless (GFTH) which provides winter clothing to those in need.

Jason Samenow, Camden Walker, and Justin Grieser were guest emcees at “Banding Together 2012” where we introduced bands at the Black Cat playing for this charity. Sponsored mainly by area law firms, the musicians were mostly attorneys.

The law firm bands competed against each other via “Chicago-style” voting, where supporters contributed money as votes for their favorite bands. The winning band was “Dangerous Communication Device” (“DCD”) of Williams & Connolly LLP

With the GFTH charity mission aligning with weather-awareness, we thought: why not try out this emcee thing (it was a first, for all three of us)? This organization seems to work in-tandem with advisories and warnings to assist those in need locally during harsh times

The sole purpose of GFTH is to donate used and new clothing to homeless in the area through a network of shelters. Any shelter for any purpose can ask for clothes, and GFTH will supply. In addition to the great bands we introduced and listened to on Thursday night, we learned that GFTH has one other event later in the year. In December, the drive is for used clothes—and they usually get 5000 bags of clothes that enable them to supply 80 shelters.

During hot weather, winter clothing is sold much more cheaply. This charity has a great sense of how to get the most bang for the buck by finding off-season clothing and buying in bulk. They told us that the retail value of all these clothes purchased could exceed $1.5 million. The clothing will be distributed to 35 shelters throughout the area.

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