Noon temperatures from Washington, D.C. was hottest location in the eastern U.S. ( )

Link: D.C. area forecast: Two days of extreme heat with heat index near 100-105

That’s an impressive feat when you consider heat advisories and heat warnings have been posted from Virginia to Maine.

Upper level weather chart showing the D.C. area at the center of the heat dome over the Eastern U.S. (

The core of the heat wave has set up over the mid-Atlantic and Northeast due to the position of high pressure - or descending air (which warms as it compresses) - at upper levels. Today, it’s smack dab over the region covering northern Virginia to central Pennsylvania.

Forecast highs from Richmond to Portland are in the 90s to near 100 with heat indices of 100-105.

Today’s high so far of 93 degrees in D.C. makes it the hottest day of 2012 and hottest since August 9, 2011.

(Note: the map above includes just a sampling of U.S. weather stations - mostly major cities - so it’s possible there are hotter spots in between)