“Washington weather wallpaper,” try saying that three times fast.

For our Capital Weather Gang blog, we upload photos with a maximum resolution of 454 pixels. That’s a good size to conserve space on a blog page and to allow for quick downloads, but it’s not a great size for checking out photographic details. Occasionally, Ian Livington and I provide links to higher resolution photos within our CWG posts that show more detail.

The purpose of this post is to consolidate a set of weather images from past CWG photo posts with links to higher resolution versions. The photos we chose show various types of weather in and around Washington, including snow, thunderstorms, sunrises, sunsets, dusk, and fireworks. The higher resolution image files can be downloaded from the caption of the photos below and used as computer wallpaper and/or screensavers. Hopefully, we can make this an on-going series of posts.

Dusk on the Potomac River, download here.

I chose 1024 pixels for the wallpaper image width. It’s not the highest resolution, but photographers rarely distribute full-resolution images. It should work fine for computer wallpaper.

Sunrise behind the Jefferson Memorial, download here.