Having obtained full forgiveness from his instructors after his first weather education fiasco, Scott Zakheim takes his next step in pursuit of TV weather stardom. Read the full Weather Dream reality blog series.

As I’ve lured you into this weather dream and distracted you with endless posts, irrelevant hyperlinks, and killer vids, the school year has crept upon us yet again like the stealthy Jake the Snake it is. So instead of moping about it like we used to, I say we embrace the opportunity (like Squints) and begin focusing on the task at hand.

According to Penn State’s new Global Campus Weather Forecasting Certificate website (please take a look, it’s very pretty – I think they revamped it for me), my first class as part of my 12-credit undergraduate certificate, METEO 101 “Understanding Weather Forecasting” (Duh..101!), begins on August 22nd. That means it is just days until I take the first step towards my weather man dream. Sweet Poseidon!!

Virtual field trips with that guy! (Lee Grenci)

Lastly, the syllabus also indicates the class will demand a three hour per week time commitment. Guess what me and Mrs. Doppler will be doing Saturday nights this fall?

I’ll get into more details about the class soon, as I promise you guys will be with me every step of the way.

More to point though, I thought it made sense to reach out to PSU’s Dr. Babb, my Dopplerprentice. I figure that if I want to get a leg up on the competition, it was best I made inroads with the teach now, score some cupcake points, get a jump start on my reading and get this blog on his radar….

From: Scott Zakheim
To: ——@ems.psu.edu

Good Morning Dr. Babb,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Scott Zakheim and I am enrolled in PSU Global Campus’ Online Certificate Program in Weather Forecasting. Shawna Perez from PSU GC Admissions advised I reach out to you for guidance as I begin my weather forecasting educational journey.

To provide you some background, I am already well along in my professional career. I am 29 and work as a salesman in New York City. I have received my BA from Columbia University and MBA from the University of Maryland. Last month I decided that I wanted to pursue my lifelong ambition to become a local TV meteorologist. I have always been an avid weather watcher and have always been fascinated by the local news. Combine that with my purely superficial ambition to be famous, and I have built a strong appetite to fulfill this dream right now.

You see, I do not have the bandwidth to make my weather dream a full-time pursuit, nor can I afford to re-enroll in a full-time educational program; so instead I’ve decided to build my “Weatherman Resume” by matriculating in this program. My thinking is that if I can learn the basic fundamentals of weather forecasting and meteorology under your tutelage, and market myself and my broadcasting ability on my online diary (blog) about becoming a weatherman (please review, you are featured in a post), then maybe a news producer out there (hopefully in my hometown, Washington DC) will give me by big break.

Thus far, my blog has been purely an exercise in shameless self-promotion and tomfoolery, but worry not, I am taking this pursuit very seriously. Seriously enough to begin fund raising efforts to enroll, seriously enough to reach out to you now, well before class starts, and seriously enough to ask you for advice and summer reading.

That said, is there anything you recommend I begin reading and studying in the next 6 weeks before Fall online class (METEO 101) begins? You know, relevant books, pamphlets, Broadcasting Weather for Dummies, etc.?

I look forward to keeping up a continuing dialogue with you as this weatherman pursuit takes full flight, and I look forward to counting on you as a mentor throughout my studies. I also invite you to write as a guest blogger on my website as I’m always looking for new and creative ways to educate my readers on the weather.

Thanks in advance and God bless,
Scott Zakheim

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