Four key major league baseball contests tonight have big playoff implications. Will weather be a factor? Well, not in Tampa, where the Rays-Yankees game will be played under a dome. But in nearby Baltimore as well as Houston and Atlanta, the games are in the open air, so let’s look at what to expect...

Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles (7 p.m.): A few thunderstorms may form along a nearby front but activity should be isolated. I’d put odds at seeing rain at just 20-30%. It’s a muggy late September evening in Charm City, with temps 70-75. Light winds from the southeast at 5-10 mph.

Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves (7 p.m.): No weather worries in Hotlanta with partly cloudy skies and temps 70-75. The humidity will actually be lower here than in Baltimore. Light winds from the west around 5 mph.

St. Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros (8 p.m.): The punishing heat continues in the toasted state of Texas. After highs this afternoon in the upper 90s, game time temps are in the low-to-mid 80s with high humidity. Skies are partly cloudy and there’s a very outside chance of an isolated storm (although the Park’s retractable roof would mitigate any rain). Winds from the south at 10 mph.

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