Almost a year ago, I wrote that the “rapping weatherman” Nick Kosir - whose catchy rhymes had gone viral on YouTube - landed himself a big market gig in San Francisco. But after two days on the job, he walked away (long story), fleeing for a position in the much more remote Twin Falls, Idaho. I hadn’t heard anything about Kosir since.

But last night, he shot me an email, with a link to his latest rap. It originates from a 500 foot bridge that he base jumps from while continuing to rap (after a free fall). It’s gimmicky, but give him props for originality...

Also give Kosir props for keeping the beat while flying through the air. I wonder if there was a test run?

Did you ever imagine in your life you’d watch a video of a TV weatherman rapping while jumping off a bridge? You just did.

Completely unrelated expect for the fact it’s a weather YouTube video that’s supposed to be funny, here’s a video of Fabio doing the weather for Old Spice. I found it creepy, and hard to watch. What do you think?