Spring is less than a day away and, with that, we've done some spring-cleaning, blog-style.

We're thrilled to announce we've transitioned to the Washington Post's next generation of blogs.

Here are some improvements you should notice immediately:

  • Page loads faster
  • Infinite scroll -- meaning -- unlike the old blog -- more than 5 posts will display on this page at once (right now, only 5 blogs are showing, because we've only entered 5 so far). You will be able to scroll to access posts from past days/weeks. For historic blog posts (prior to today), our archives are available in the menu bar underneath the banner.
  • A sharper look

This new blog platform will give us improved flexibility for adding and changing widgets like radar and weather maps and integrating interactive features and multimedia. It will also allow us to more quickly develop these kinds of tools.

There may be a few bugs and bumps in the road in the coming days as we get used to this new system. We appreciate both your patience and any feedback. Thanks, as always, for reading and engaging