A debate has been raging in social media streams about what to call Hurricane Sandy.

Here are the three contenders:

1) Hurricane Sandy - It’s the official name from the National Hurricane Center but critics say Sandy will be transitioning into a nor’easter - so it may not be accurate to call it a hurricane.

2) Frankenstorm - A National Weather Service forecaster proposed this name given the Halloween coincidence and transforming nature of the storm. But critics say it trivializes a serious storm.

The name ‘Frankenstorm’ has been coined by some meteorologists and media.We are refraining due the severity of the storm.

— Rob Marciano (@robmarcianoCNN) October 26, 2012

3) Snor’eastercane: The Wall Street Journal’s weather blog pitched this name - as the storm will be part snowstorm, part nor’easter, and part hurricane.

Time for you to vote on your favorite

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Feel free to debate the merits of the different names below. Hate all of these names? Let those creative juices flow and suggest others.