Heading into the all-star break, the Washington, D.C.’s illustrious Wizards have the 2nd worst record in the NBA. And in the waning days of February, Washington, D.C. also happens to be the 2nd biggest snow underachiever in the country, trailing only Baltimore for snow futility.

So which is worse? The Wizard’s 7-26 win-loss record (only conference foe the Charlotte Bobcats has a worse record)? Or, the region’s minuscule 2” of snow (just 17% of the average ) coupled with unseasonably mild conditions since December (very closely remembling typical winter weather in...Charlotte)?

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If this poll sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve been there, done that. Almost exactly three years ago, CWG’s Dan Stillman ran the same poll under almost exactly the same circumstances (except it was colder that year). Here’s what he wrote:

Two inches of snow. That’s it. That’s all we’ve had at Reagan National Airport this season. And it doesn’t look like any major snowfall is imminent (though our forecast does call for a chance of a wintry mix this weekend). The only impressive part of this winter has been a persistent wind and consistently cold temperatures, save for a few brief warm-ups. But what fun is wind and cold without snow?

Meanwhile, at 13 wins and 43 losses, the Wizards are one of the NBA’s worst teams. They started the season so badly that they replaced coach Eddie Jordan after 11 games, of which they won one. Things haven’t gotten much better for the injury-ravaged club since. And it’s doubtful Gilbert Arenas, who’s missed the entire season so far, will return from injury soon enough to save the season (i.e., win enough games to make the playoffs).

Who won the poll? After almost 300 votes, winter was crowned more pathetic by a 58 to 41 percent margin.

As it turns out, Washington, D.C. received 5-8” of snow on March 1 that year salvaging winter to an extent. The Wizards failed to mount a similar comeback, ending the season with a record of 19-63, tied for 2nd worst in the league.

(Thanks to Facebook follower Michael Pannoni for the suggestion)