With the Northeast blizzard on center stage, I’m repeatedly getting the question: will it ever snow - more than a dusting - in Washington, D.C. again?

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Early this week, our winter weather expert Wes Junker highlighted the period of February 13-18 as one to watch for *possible* (not likely) snow chances around D.C. Today’s model runs are bearing that out.

Let me throw out two bones to snow lovers.

Two possible storm systems next week merit watching for the D.C. area (StormVistaWxModels.com)

The period around Valentine’s Day and President’s Day may both have storms in our vicinity.

But storms in our vicinity, any seasoned Washington weather watcher knows, don’t necessarily mean snow.

The GFS shows a possible threat on February 13, but D.C. is right near the rain/snow line (aren’t we always?). The European model, not shown, has the storm sliding to our south with no precipitation.

On February 17, the European model has a storm passing just to our south, but it’s close enough that it gets my attention. The GFS model, not shown, also has a storm but more to our north

The cold?, hard truth is that there’s no clear and present snow threat for Washington, D.C. But the upcoming period offers some potential.

You can be sure we’ll be watching any possible winter storms and will have in depth analysis if/when any potential seems legitimate.