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A beautiful, thick layer of fog wafted through Brisbane for the second morning in a row on Thursday.

The stunning photos were snapped from a 702-foot-tall crane in Toronto.

San Francisco has a love-hate relationship with its persistent fog, but on Wednesday morning, the feeling was decidedly "love."

For the second time this winter, the relatively rare and beautiful phenomenon has graced the Grand Canyon.

Dense fog will remain in the morning forecasts for the Central Valley for at least the next few days in many locations

36 hours of fog - though gloomy and challenging for motorists, it has cast an eerie but soothing haze over the city

 The top of the fog layer resembled the wavy surface of a sea - a visually stunning sight.

Overnight, a blanket of fog rolled into Dallas and grew thicker and thicker. Visibility dropped to near zero for several hours.

The morning mist was caused by a surge of very moist air ahead of the powerful cold front pushing across the eastern U.S. on Wednesday.

The fog was so dense in Chicago Thursday that the Wrigley Field umpiring crew considered delaying the game between the Cubs and the Washington Nationals.

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