After spending six years in Washington, Brooks Laich never really wanted to leave the forward’s agent, Roland Thompson, said Tuesday afternoon.

“Yes, like everyone there were certain issues at the end [of the 2010-11 season] about the team,” Thompson said. “He had discussions with George and the coaches — there was a commitment from both coaching staff and George that those issues would be addressed. I think one of them was in the trade over the weekend. After those discussions, he said ‘Roly, if you can get it done and it’s fair, we don’t need to go to free agency.’”

Laich likely would have been one of the more sought after forwards in what is considered a shallow pool when free agency begins July 1. But Thompson said it was more important to Laich to play for a team that would compete for a championship and have the security of a longer term.

“There are some clubs that are just going to have to step up and pay a premium just to get to the minimum [salary cap level of $48.3 million] and Brooksie may have been in that scenario,” Thompson said. “Other than that, I don’t think it would have been much more if any than where we were at with Washington.

“It was an issue for Brooks to get some term and now he’s got it and will stay a Capital for no hometown discount taken,” Thompson added. ”The only way he would have moved, it would have had to be a team that would have had a chance at running at [the Stanley Cup].”

Thompson confirmed that there is a limited no-trade clause built into Laich’s contract that allows the forward to submit a list of five teams that he can’t be traded to for the first four years of the contract.