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Arron Asham: Alex Ovechkin ‘being a hypocrite’ about gestures

While Arron Asham reached out to the Capitals to apologize for the mocking gestures he made after knocking out fourth line winger Jay Beagle Thursday night, the Penguins’ tough guy took exception to comments made by Alex Ovechkin after the game.

Ovechkin said he didn’t believe that Asham’s actions were respectful. When informed of the Washington captain’s comments on Friday, though, Asham fired back.

“I don’t know what Ovie’s talking about, disrespectful,” Asham told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “A guy who throws his stick down and warms his hands over it. He is being a hypocrite himself. The rivalry is back. I’m sure the next game is going to have a lot of fireworks.”

Asham was referencing Ovechkin’s “hot stick” celebration after scoring his 50th goal of the season in March of 2009.

Here are Ovechkin’s postgame comments about Asham’s fight with Beagle:

“It’s a fight. It’s hockey game but again it was pretty tough. Beagle, like, he’s just first-year NHL,” Ovechkin said Thursday night. “Asham, I don’t know if he knows that or not, but just put him on the ice,” Ovechkin said. Beagle is “not a fighter, it’s not his job to fight. I don’t know, it looked kind of not respectful for players on different team. I don’t know what people think, but I think it’s not respectful.”

Asham reaches out to apologize for gestures
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