The interesting part of Jay Beagle’s fight with Arron Asham on Thursday night is that the Capitals weren’t upset that one of their teammates was challenged and subsequently knocked out. It was because of the mocking gestures directed at him afterward, which is why the Capitals said they appreciated Asham’s apology.

Last night after the game, Asham reached out to Mike Knuble in order to check up on Beagle’s status and apologized for the gestures that he himself called “classless.”


Beagle had roughed up Penguins’ Kris Letang on the play and pushed the defenseman’s helmet off his head, which prompted Asham to step up to rectify a perceived wrong against a star player. Matt Hendricks said that Asham approached the fight the way any one in his role would.

“To my knowledge from playing against Asham, he’s an honest player,” Hendricks said. “My understanding is he asked Jay in the way the fights are started, Jay obliged and they scrapped…I give him credit for apologizing and realizing what he did [after] was wrong. Stuff happens in the heat of battle but with regard to what happened to Jay [injuries], that’s happened to about everybody that fights.”

(Note: The Capitals spoke to the media before Asham’s comments about Alex Ovechkin being a “hypocrite” were made public.)

Coach Bruce Boudreau said that Beagle, who reportedly wanted to practice today, isn’t experiencing any concussion symptoms and that the 25-year-old Calgary native has a “fat lip” but is otherwise doing well. Boudreau wouldn’t go so far as to say Beagle would be practicing on Saturday, though.

“I thought initially like everybody else that it would have been [a concussion],” Boudreau said. “But he doesn’t have any of the symptoms as of now.”

With Beagle apparently doing well and Asham’s apology, Boudreau said in his mind the incident is over.

“He made good,” said Boudreau, who added he still hasn’t seen the gestures. “I think his apology was really sincere and it wasn’t like it took him two weeks to apologize, it was right after the game. As long as I’ve known of him I’ve never seen him do anything like that. As far as I’m concerned the incident’s over.”

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