Coach Bruce Boudreau has downplayed the implications of the preseason when it comes to the Capitals’ established NHL players and stars, and he did so again on Tuesday night following the Baltimore Hockey Classic.

Like starters playing only the first quarter in NFL preseason tilts or how MLB pitchers leave spring training contests in the second or third inning, Boudreau expects a different level of intensity come October.

“The important thing is they get back into the contact, they’re hitting guys, they’re getting the pace back, they’re getting in game condition, handling the puck against people that don’t like you.”

That said, more Capitals mainstays will be playing in more preseason games this year.

“Our main guys will probably play more games in this preseason than they’ve played in the past. Four, five, six games rather than the three or four that they’ve played maximum in the past,” Boudreau said. “I just think to get ready, we’ve got a lot of new guys. Once we start ramping it up early next week…We want to get our team together as quick as we can.”