As you may have noticed, the preseason schedule seems a little more compact this year, particularly at the beginning.

With only three days of practice from the start of main camp to the preseason opener on Tuesday in Baltimore, Coach Bruce Boudreau was forced to do away with the Duchesne Cup this year and also make some of his earliest lessons fit in the space allotted.

Asked to explain how he approaches the early days of training camp and what systems to impart when, Boudreau shared his schedule.

“Probably the most important is D-zone coverage, we’re working on that [Saturday],” Boudreau said, adding that he builds up to special teams. Sunday “will be the neutral zone, [then] the way it usually goes is third day we do forechecking and fourth day will be special teams then all of a sudden we encompass all of it.”

Because of the quicker pace this year, though, Boudreau said they may combine forechecking and special teams for Monday’s trio of practices, which began at 9:45 a.m.