Coach Bruce Boudreau took a trip up to his former stomping grounds in Hershey Sunday to take in the Bears’ 4-3 loss to Binghamton. There was natural speculation that Boudreau was there to look at possible defensive call ups, given the injuries on the Capitals’ blueline, but the coach said it was just a good chance to see the Bears in person.

“I like going to Hershey,” Boudreau said. “I try to make three, four, five trips a year and it just seemed like an opportune time to go. We didn’t play, they played, the schedules worked out. Redskins were on at one o’clock, it seemed like an easy game to go to because there wasn’t much going on. I hadn’t seen all the guys since training camp so I just went and watched them play.”

Boudreau and the Capitals staff get regular reports from the coaches and management in Hershey, but there’s nothing quite like seeing players in person.

“It’s always nice to see them live,” Boudreau said. “When you see them live – three [games] in three [days] – and they’re not tired, you get a better view. They’ve got a few injuries up there themselves, so you didn’t get to see everybody but you got a good look at the guys I hadn’t seen before.”

To be sure, though, watching the Bears in person may make it easier if the Capitals do need to recall someone whether it’s in the next week or further out.