(Leonard Ortiz/AP)

“You’ve got to be true to yourself,” Boudreau told Katie Carrera in Anaheim earlier this month. “I found that I was getting away from that this year. People were saying, ‘Do this,’ and ‘Do that.’ I wasn’t doing what I believed was the right thing.”

Boudreau has started by getting to know his players, and not just in an attempt to figure out how they’ll fit into his system as he looks to guide the team back on track.

“From the moment he got here he started asking us questions,”veteran winger Teemu Selanne said. “‘How’s the family? What’s going on at home?’ I don’t think a lot of coaches do that; that’s something new for me, but I think it’s a very important part. He doesn’t ask just to ask. I sense he really wants to know, and that’s a great thing as we try to turn things around. He’s so positive and such a good teacher. It’s kind of wrong we haven’t given him more back yet.”

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