When Coach Bruce Boudreau and Rangers’ Coach John Tortorella each met with the media prior to faceoff this afternoon it was clear that they were entirely focused on what would occur in Game 5, and ready for the puck to drop.

Tortorella simply said “We’re going to be ready to play” repeatedly while Boudreau guessed that this contest may be as tight as the four that preceeded it. All except Game 2 of this Eastern Conference quarterfinal series have been decided by one goal, with two going to overtime.

“I think in the end who wins more one on one battles and, like a lot of games, who’s going to win the special teams,” Boudreau said when asked what could be the difference in this contest. “And the third thing, after watching the first four games, it would be who gets a break, who gets a lucky bounce. That’s the way the series has been going, so I assume it’s going to continue going like that.”