Coach Bruce Boudreau said “it’s still the plan” for veteran Tomas Vokoun to make his regular season debut for the Capitals Monday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Vokoun has played 632 regular season NHL games in his career, but stepping out on to the ice with his new team is something he’s looking forward to even if it came two days later than he initially expected it would.

“It’s the first game for new team, before every game you get kind of nervous but that’s normal no matter how many games you play. If it matters to you, you’re going to get a little nervous,” Vokoun said. “I’m just going to go out and enjoy myself. It just is a game you have to a certain point enjoy yourself you have to do all this stuff practicing training and all that and the game should be the reward.”

Even with Vokoun’s experience there will likely be something of an adjustment period as he gets to know all of the Washington defenseme’s habits.

Whether it takes two games or more for them to iron out all the kinks of communication.

“I’m gonna try to keep it simple and maybe try to be a bit more cautious, maybe don’t go as much behind the net, we’ll see,” Vokoun said. “It could work right away – hopefully it does. It doesn’t have to either. Like I said, if you keep it simple there’s really not rocket science to it.

“I did make few mistakes in the preseason just from maybe not doing what I’ve supposed to been doing,” Vokoun continued. “But like I said, when you make a mistake it’s how you learn from it and how you react to it that’s more important than if you make one.”