As the Capitals’ layoff between the first and second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs continues, there’s a growing sense of curiosity as the players and coaches are all eager to find out who their next opponent will be. Not to mention that it’s a little strange for them to have this many days between contests.

“We’re getting anxious. We’re not used to, I don’t think, when you look at since February we’ve played every third day, but very rarely more than that,” Coach Bruce Boudreau said. “You know, we play every second day for the most part in March, but three days is a long time, four days you start, you know, going ‘OK, what’s going on?’ and by the fifth and sixth days, your wives don’t like you.”

Boudreau, like several of his players, will watch the playoff games scheduled Tuesday night, particularly those with an impact on their future: Game 6 between Boston and Montreal and Game 7 between Buffalo and Philadelphia.

“I click back and forth, sit on the couch,” Brooks Laich said. “One, as a fan just watching, and two, also whoever’s in the lead is probably gonna win the game and try and maybe pick up a few things that they do – who’s playing well, who’s not, watch their special teams, little things like that.”

The players and coaches will do their various levels of scouting from watching the games the same way many normal fans do – on their televisions at home, sometimes unable to turn away from a good game even when they know they should go to sleep.

“I never used to [watch other games] but once these playoffs start, hockey’s the only thing I’ve been watching lately. I’ve been so into it,” Mike Green said. “I watched the game last night with San Jose, I think it was like 12 o’clock. I wanted to go to bed but I had to watch it. I guess as a fan you’re a fan of the game it doesn’t matter who’s on the ice. When hockey’s on you’re watching.”