Caps fans may remember Brett “Stretch” Leonhardt, who made headlines on Dec. 12, 2008, when the 6-foot-7 web producer and ex-college netminder made his NHL debut (from the bench) as an emergency backup.

Leonhardt left the Capitals in February 2011 to work for the NHL as a video editor, but the team announced today that he’ll return this season as video coach. Add that to the list of other roles Leonhardt has had with the Capitals (pregame DJ, podcast host, practice goalie...) and essentially all that’s left is GM.

From the Capitals’ Mike Vogel:

“I missed being part of a team,” says Leonhardt. “Since I was five, I’ve always been in the rink for nine months a year and had always been associated with a team. I missed being around a team and working towards a common goal. I had always wanted to be a video coach and I felt a strong pull to be part of a team again. When the Caps came to me, it was an easy decision.”

Leonhardt will work closely with assistant coach Blaine Forsythe, who heads the team’s video coaching operations.