Alex Ovechkin altered his offseason conditioning routine this summer, and while the Capitals star has declined to share specifics, the benefit is already apparent on the ice, according to strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish.

“I already know he’s in shape, I can tell,” Nemish said. “We’ve worked several times on the ice and he’s without a doubt in the best shape I’ve ever seen him.”

Players’ weights have not been updated for this season yet. Their official weights will be taken on Friday during physicals prior to the start of training camp. Sorry for any confusion.

According to the training camp roster released by the team Monday, Ovechkin weighs in at 225 pounds. That’s nine pounds less than what he was listed at during the 2010-11 season. (h/t Alex Ovetjkin)

“I wouldn’t say that they were big philosophical changes. There was probably more of a change in terms of timing of when to get involved,” Nemish said. “His commitment has been much more involved at earlier time. He’s got more under his belt in terms of when he started to train.

“All I can tell you is that what he’s done this summer and the more time that he has put in, it certainly has paid off,” Nemish added. “He’s ready to go at a much quicker rate than he’s had in the past.”

--According to @BirdlandInsider (and unrelated to his offseason conditioning), Ovechkin will throw out the first pitch before Friday’s game at Camden Yards between the Orioles and Angels. (h/t RMNB)