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Update: Owner Ted Leonsis is aware of the concerns and complaints about the new white netting and the organization will be evaluating its effectiveness today, according to Monumental Sports and Entertainment spokesman Kurt Kehl.

“We originally installed it with the idea that it would make the action on the ice look better for fans and on television,” Kehl said. “If it doesn’t accomplish either one of our intended goals, then of course we’ll re-evaluate it... If it works and makes things better, great, but if not there’s nothing keeping us from changing it back.”

Kehl said that while the netting will be looked at today, there may not be a formal decision made on whether to keep it in place longer or switch it back to black immediately.

Kehl added that any season ticket holders with concerns or comments about the netting should contact their guest services representative.

— Leonsis also just chimed in on his blog, saying the Capitals will “take a closer look at it ASAP.”

Original post:

Along with making their first appearance on Verizon Center ice this season Monday night against Columbus, the Capitals also debuted a change to the home rink: white protective netting behind both goals.

The change from black netting to white was made in an attempt to help improve visibility for the fans in attendance at Verizon Center as well as the view broadcast on television, according to the team’s Mike Vogel.

Last night on Twitter, I asked those at the contest to share their opinion on the new nets. Check some of the responses out after the jump.

@mikerocksthered: “I like the white nets. From the end of the end of the upper level it blends in with the ice well.”
@smheffern: “As someone who has sat behind the goal (sec 425) for several years, it’s a big improvement - more than I would’ve thought.”
@TylerGreenDC: “New nets: awful. Like looking through a t-shirt.”
@bjsnva: “I’m right behind it and I prefer the white netting (at least for Warmups..)”
@DaRavick1217: “white netting is a strange addition, I’m sure it will grow on us?”
@nicraymond:. “love it, from 412”
@coocat86: “sit in 116 behind the nets, don’t like the new ones at all..much preferred the black. Very obstructive.”
@daveizzle: “I’m in 103 row D & it’s blocking the view of the scoreboard but I don’t mind.”
@ljpg25: “not bad in my end distracting looking at the far end.”
@Russ_Carpenter: “I am here and sit behind it. It’s is terrible, like looking through a fog bank.”

So for those who didn’t chime in last night on Twitter, what do you think about the white netting? Add your thoughts in the comment section below.