The Capitals are going into Game 3 this afternoon at Madison Square Garden feeling the pressure of a team trying to inch even closer to a series win. Meanwhile the Rangers will feel the pressure and weight of their vocal home crowd as they try to get themselves back into this series.

While New York’s task may seem more daunting and desperate right now, Rangers Coach John Tortorella doesn’t believe his team is that far away from altering the course of this series. The critical element for the Rangers, Tortorella said, is to get something to go their way offensively.

“The series is 2-0 but at least from my standpoint, either way, it could change,” Tortorella said. “At times, I think we’ve defended pretty well. Our biggest key is to just get something good to happen for us offensively. I look at their second goal the other night – which is a huge goal – we’re defending their power play the right way it deflects off a skate, off [Matt] Gilroy’s skate, right on to [Jason] Arnott’s stick and he buries it. That’s a huge goal.

“I hope that something like that happens for us,” Tortorella said. “Because we’re not far off, I’ll tell you right now, we’re not far off. They can’t win the series today, we can’t win the series today but we can grab some momentum. I think that’s the most important thing when you’re involved in a series is trying to get some momentum on your side.”