Utter the phrase “playoff hockey” and images of tight-checking, low-scoring affairs where goals rarely flood either side almost immediately come to mind. As the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins showed in their Game 2 Saturday night, though, that’s not always the case.

The Flyers took a two-game lead on the series with an 8-5 win over Pittsburgh in a wild and crazy game that couldn’t have been more different from Boston’s 1-0 overtime win over the Capitals in Game 1.

It was a different type of playoff hockey, but one that was certainly fun to watch as a spectator.

“I watched it from start to finish,” Troy Brouwer said. “If you didn’t like hockey before, you should now.”

It took all of 15 seconds in that contest between the Pennsylvania rivals to score as many goals as the Capitals and Bruins managed in more than 61 minutes.

“It’s tough in playoffs,” Karl Alzner said. “Kind of surprised when you see games that are 8-5 and stuff like that. You don’t really think of high-scoring games in playoffs. You expect low-scoring,”

The downside of those types of contests, Brouwer said, is that it’s a lot more of a rollercoaster for the players and teams that are involved in them.

“It is [fun to play] if you’re on the winning end,” Brouwer said. “If you’re on the losing end, it’s very emotionally draining game, so it’s tough to regroup after you have such a good start and end up finishing the game like that.”

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Flyers beat Penguins, 8-5, for 2-0 series lead